Workshop ‘The 70:20:10 of intercultural learning’ (Sietar Europe Congress, Dublin)

Sietar Europe Congress – Dublin, 25-27 May 2017

Enhancing intercultural effectiveness in businesses means designing adequate learning solutions for the professionals in these organizations. Until recently most training interventions were based on the vision of formal learning: a one or two-days course with some homework and a manual, and that was it. We just assumed that the transfer to the workplace would take place and that awareness would automatically result in intercultural competence on a daily basis.

Research on how we learn shows that professionals learn much more in their work contexts and from peers than in regular courses. That’s the rationale of the 70:20:10 principle of social learning:

  • 70% of all learning experiences are in the work context, usually as a consequence of new tasks or challenging projects.
  • 20% of all learning experiences occur through feedback by colleagues and by copying behavior of others
  • 10% of all learning experiences are gained in ‘formal’ educational settings like training courses and workshops

Taking this into account, we can state that effective learning strategies should be integrated cyclic programs that take challenges of the workplace as a starting point and in which feedback and exchange with peers or colleagues are crucial. There are many ways to design such blended intercultural learning programs that address the intercultural aspects and needs. Especially since working across cultures is so context-specific, layered and subtle, we need to integrate the intercultural learning into performance at the workplace.

The program of the workshop is:

  • Brief introduction of the theory on social learning and the background of the 70:20:10 principle
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices with blended learning for diverse businesses
  • Introduction of the various ways of blending and the PIAF model (by Clive Shepard) to design such blended programs
  • The participants design their own blended course for a client, according to the blending principles

The workshop is highly interactive and provides sufficient time for discussion, exchange and questions, just in line with the 70:20:10 principle.

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