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    Enhanced international performance through understanding cultural differences
  • Consulting & Coaching

    Consulting & Coaching

    Intercultural assessments for organisations, teams and individuals
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    Workshops & keynote speeches

    Be inspired by breakthroughs in cross-cultural insights
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    Online & blended learning

    Innovative ways of intercultural learning

Luz azul training, consulting & coaching in effective intercultural communication and personal leadership


Tailor-made training courses for your specific requests on intercultural effectiveness; from one-day courses to more profound blended programs. Read more..

Consulting & coaching

Consultancy about diversity management, intercultural assessments (IRC© and Feedback Profiler®) and coaching for professionals and managers. Read more..

Workshops & keynote speeches

For every congress a tailor-made speech or workshop that optimally matches your organizations’ needs on cultural communication. Read more..

Online & blended learning

Online and blended learning, for instance in a series of webinars, a SPOC (Small Private Online Course) or the blended program ‘Intercultural Effectiveness’. Read more..

Yvonne van der Pol

About Yvonne van der Pol

My background is in development sociology, and I have over 20 years of experience as a trainer, coach and consultant with an unique specialization: intercultural effectiveness. I am based in the Netherlands and work internationally.

What others say: “A committed and competent intercultural professional”.

Why is intercultural competence vital to you?

  • Imagine… you always communicated effectively and relaxed with people with a different cultural background
  • Imagine… you understood how to get in synch easily with your foreign business partners and with others in your multicultural team
  • Imagine… your international project ran smoothly

Achieving better results in international and intercultural work is more reachable than you would think. The clue is not in adding more knowledge, nor in simple do’s and don’ts, but in the layers of subtle understanding underneath that knowledge – and in developing your intercultural competences – with the final outcome of becoming interculturally effective in your work. This not only provides you with more time, energy and fun, but also gives your company a better return on investment.

Reflections on Intercultural Craftsmanship

This collection of Reflections on Intercultural Craftsmanship offers an insightful and sometimes entertainingly fresh perspective on intercultural effectiveness. It was published in November 2017.

Boek Bespiegelingen over intercultureel vakmanschap
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Masterclass Brain, Mind & Culture

On October 18, 2024 the next Masterclass Brain, Mind and Culture of Japan Intercultural Institute starts. This Masterclass is a blended learning course (webinars-podcasts-online learning) that introduces the latest insights of culture, brain and mind sciences to those living and working interculturally. You will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of intercultural experiences, including: culture and cognition, biases, and deep culture learning and transformation. You will learn to be a more insightful interculturalist and learn how to encourage intercultural learning in others. Joseph Shaules and Yvonne van der Pol are your facilitators.

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