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SPOC Intercultural Sensitivity

A SPOC (Small Private Online Course) is a compact and attractive way for any organisation to create a buzz on the theme of intercultural awareness and to enhance social learning amongst its employees. It can be seen as an organisation-specific variation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Therefore, the design will always be tailored to your needs.


The SPOC results in increased intercultural awareness, knowledge and self-reflection, and in the practical application of the insights experienced in the international work of the participants. On organisational level, the dynamics of a SPOC creates a shared vocabulary and understanding of the theme.

Is this course for you?

This course is intended for internationally operating organisations and companies who want to promote the theme of intercultural awareness. A SPOC can easily host 50 to 500 participants.

How the course operates

As previously mentioned, each SPOC is tailor-made. During a learning flow of two weeks, each participant receives a daily online impulse to enhance their intercultural effectiveness. Engaging videos, brief theory and practical assignments form the ingredients of these ten 15-20-minute sessions. The online platform is designed as such, that the participants not only learn individually, but also through co-creation with their fellow participants by reacting to each other’s posts and receiving stimulation from the facilitators. During the program, the participants fill in the Intercultural Readiness Check, as the four competences it measures, form the guiding principle of the program. The participants then finish the course by wrapping-up their learning and action-points in the IRC Learning Journal. Luz azul training, consulting and coaching works closely with IBI and online suppliers in designing and providing your organisation with a truly unique SPOC.

What the course covers

The SPOC is a reflection of the most important, current, intercultural knowledge and insights for working effectively across cultures and within diversity. The four intercultural competences (intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment and managing uncertainty) take a prominent place, as do the themes of deep and surface culture, cultural differences and acculturation processes. As standard, the content is adjusted to the wishes and needs of the client and the target audience.

What Luz azul’s clients say

“I think a context to develop cultural communication and competences starts with being aware of how ’competent’ you are yourself. This course is a good start to figure that out. Next I think creating a dialogue about cultural communication and differences within your team is important. By sharing different views and experiences you become aware of where differences of similarities lie” (civil servant who operates internationally).

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Masterclass Brain, Mind & Culture

On October 18, 2024 the next Masterclass Brain, Mind and Culture of Japan Intercultural Institute starts. This Masterclass is a blended learning course (webinars-podcasts-online learning) that introduces the latest insights of culture, brain and mind sciences to those living and working interculturally. You will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of intercultural experiences, including: culture and cognition, biases, and deep culture learning and transformation. You will learn to be a more insightful interculturalist and learn how to encourage intercultural learning in others. Joseph Shaules and Yvonne van der Pol are your facilitators.

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