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Feedback Profiler

The Feedback Profiler® is used in bespoke team coaching and programs. The tool analyses the feedback preferences of individuals, tandems, small or large groups, and organizations.

Feedback Categories

The four feedback categories are:

  • Drivers: What motivates us to give and receive feedback?
  • Setting: In what circumstances is feedback given and received?
  • Process: How is feedback given or received?
  • Focus: On what content is feedback given or received?

International research on feedback

The Feedback Profiler® is based on research by Marcus Hillebrandt and Stefan Meister (2014). It is well known that multicultural teams are often less effective than a mono-cultural team – unless they learn to address the differences and use them to their advantage. In order to leverage feedback successfully, the giving and receiving thereof is crucial in respect to the intercultural context and personal preferences of the team members.

Online tool

The Feedback Profiler® is an easy-to-use online assessment tool. Each participant receives both a personal, and a group profile. The tool identifies dynamics such as critical communication gaps; variances in principles, underlying work relationships: inefficiencies in team processes, and more. The result is a set of data, with which, on-target interventions may be executed; relevant and informal learning can be offered; and organisational change is primed to thrive.

Team effectiveness

The Feedback Profiler is integrated in team programs, such as the bespoke program for Effective feedback in multicultural teams

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