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Dealing with Cultural Differences Effectively


The course ‘Dealing with Cultural Differences Effectively’ provides you with a solid basis in intercultural communication. You learn how to make sense of cultural differences, and you enlarge your insight on how misunderstandings in intercultural communication can arise, and how to prevent these. Through the knowledge, awareness and skills gained, you will become more effective in dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Is this course for you?

The course can be tailored for all kind of professionals and employees working in international work contexts like higher education, diplomacy, research, law enforcement and the judiciary, and in enterprises and businesses, multinationals and international NGOs.

How the course operates

This is an one-day tailor-made course, designed specifically for the organization taking it, and for the team members’ professional needs.

What the course covers

  • Culture and taking things for granted: we’re not as similar as we like to think
  • Dimensions of cultural differences: the same fundamental themes, yet different logic
  • The five challenges of intercultural communication
  • Non-verbal communication, and communication styles
  • Role-plays with your own context and cases
  • (Optional): a bicultural training actor


What Luz azul’s clients say

“I wished my organization had offered the course Dealing with Cultural Differences Effectively five years ago. I learned the hard way, and only now I understand why” (municipal staff)

“A profound revealing: all of a sudden I understand so much more” (health care practitioner)

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The East West event organized by Sietar Russia and Sietar Europe that I just participated in was a rather unusual congress. Why? To start with, it was located in three places: the old Russian part of Helsinki, the cruise ship Anastasia and the ‘actual’ congress location in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, we encountered various intercultural surprises on the way. Read the article that Pari Namazie and I wrote here.

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