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In several training courses and in individual coaching sessions I use the Intercultural Readiness Check©. The IRC is a valid and reliable intercultural self-assessment tool measuring four intercultural competences that make a difference in bridging cultures.

Four vital intercultural competencies

These competencies are:

Intercultural sensitivity

The degree to which you take an active interest in others: their cultural background, needs and perspectives and how they express themselves. This competence includes two facets:

  • cultural awareness
  • attention to signals

Intercultural communication

The degree to which you actively monitor how you communicate. This competence is built up by:

  • active listening
  • adjusting communicative style

Building commitment

The degree in which you actively try to influence your social environment, based on a concern for integrating different people and personalities. This competence composes:

  • building relationships
  • reconciling stakeholder needs

Managing uncertainty

The degree to which you appreciate the challenges of culturally diverse environments as an opportunity for personal development. There are two facets of Managing Uncertainty:

  • openness to cultural complexity
  • exploring new approaches

Valid and reliable intercultural assessment tool

You fill in the Intercultural Readiness Check online before the training or coaching session. The IRC is available in seven languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese) and takes only 20 minutes to complete. You will receive your personal IRC profile during the course or by e-mail. This profile consists of 8 pages of feedback which is helpful and relevant and offers straightforward solutions for personal development.

Personal intercultural roadmap

You can easily use the IRC feedback to determine your next steps for interacting more effectively with people from other cultures. This is exactly what we do during the (blended) training course or coaching sessions. It’s also possible to only fill in the Intercultural Readiness Check, complemented with one coaching session.

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Masterclass Brain, Mind & Culture

On October 18, 2024 the next Masterclass Brain, Mind and Culture of Japan Intercultural Institute starts. This Masterclass is a blended learning course (webinars-podcasts-online learning) that introduces the latest insights of culture, brain and mind sciences to those living and working interculturally. You will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of intercultural experiences, including: culture and cognition, biases, and deep culture learning and transformation. You will learn to be a more insightful interculturalist and learn how to encourage intercultural learning in others. Joseph Shaules and Yvonne van der Pol are your facilitators.

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