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About us

Yvonne van der Pol is the woman behind Luz azul training, consulting & coaching. “It is my passion to train and coach people who want to enhance their intercultural craftsmanship. In my opinion, working internationally is a craft, where one is continuously faced with the question ‘how do I work most effectively in this specific context?’”


Experience in international development

From an early age I was deeply interested in complex developmental issues in the world and wished to support development processes. This is why I chose to study sociology with a specialization in non-western societies. In the first 10 years of my career I worked with great commitment and pleasure for different organizations in the field of development cooperation. Like many others I learned by doing and learned from experience, as a Dutch woman living in the United States and Costa Rica, and by working with organizations in Europe, Latin America and Africa and travelling in many countries.

Closer to personal development

Gradually I found that my interest was focusing on individuals and personal development. I founded Luz azul training, consulting & coaching in 2003. Since then I have had great pleasure in training and coaching thousands of professionals from countries in five continents to enhance their intercultural effectiveness.

Enhancing better understanding between people

The mission that I formulated over 15 years ago is still my leitmotiv: enhancing better understanding between people. In order to become interculturally effective I support professionals in connecting to people with other cultural backgrounds, in performing in an international work environment, in managing uncertainty and especially in enjoying intercultural encounters.

Lifelong learning

As a trainer, coach and consultant I continually focus on other people’s learning processes, but I also like to learn wherever and whenever I can. In 2013 I completed the learning trajectory ‘Online Learning and Facilitation’. I am a SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) member, and participate in yearly international congresses. I have been licensed in the assessment tool the Intercultural Readiness Check© since 2007 and I am an IBI associate since 2012. I also conduct train-the-trainer courses. As a proprietor of my business, I greatly enjoy working with other trainers in large projects. In 2017 I published my first book Reflections on Intercultural Craftsmanship.

Ethics and Privacy

Intercultural and diversity training or coaching can be sensitive. Therefore I work according to the Code of Ethics of Sietar Nederland. Of course I also work according to the General Data Protection Regulation. Read my Privacy regulation here.

Social Media

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The next SIETAR Europa Congress will be held in Leuven, Belgium from the 27th of May to the 2nd of June 2019.

I’ll be presenting in 3 sessions:



  • The Roundtable ‘Bringing lessons and questions form the 2018 Sietar East-West Event to a higher level with Manon Courten, Olga Kovbasyuk and Maria todosiychuk
  • A TED style talk on ‘Ethics, Culture & You’ about the process of Sietar NL to get a Code of Ethics, with Eva van Ooijen en Teuni Looij
  • A Workshop with Ursula Brinkmann on ‘Working with the IRC Learning Journal’

Hope to see you in Leuven!

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