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Effective feedback in multicultural teams


Feedback is vital for team effectiveness. Open communication is even more important for culturally diverse teams, since cultural logics for one person, aren’t necessarily taken-for-granted by the other. This tailor-made group course results in increased awareness of all team members, of the influences of each other’s different cultural backgrounds in the giving and receiving of feedback, and in the group dynamic processes within their team. This leads to an increase in the skills of giving and receiving feedback more effectively, and making agreements about how to consolidate the feedback within their team.

Is this course for you?

The course is intended for multicultural teams and for international organisations as a whole.

How the course operates

This course is always bespoke and could, for instance, be designed as a one-day event. Depending on the group size, the course will be delivered by either one or two facilitators. Before commencing, each participant must fill in both an individual intake form and the Feedback Profiler.

What the course covers

  • The Feedback Profiler® serves as the framework for  the course. The individual and group profiles provide the team members with insights into the different preferences of team members for giving and receiving feedback
  • Interactive theory on feedback in culturally diverse teams, preferences and group dynamics
  • Practicing the giving and receiving of feedback (using case material from within the group)
  • Formulating action points on how to integrate giving and receiving feedback in a team during the daily work routine, and the changes required in the organisational culture, and conditions, in order to do so

What Luz azul’s clients say

Really interesting to see how people like to give and how people like to receive feedback…and that we can tailor it to match the person (staff member international NGO)

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Online Intercultural Learning

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