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Webinars Intercutural Competences


In this series of webinars, the four essential intercultural competences are paramount. The Intercultural Readiness Check© forms the basis of this program. By the end, you are much more aware of your own cross-cultural qualities, possible pitfalls and ways to enhance the intercultural competences in your own work environment.

Is this course for you?

The course is meant for international or virtual teams and/or professionals who would like to gain intercultural insights and reflection in a relatively short period of time.

How the course operates

The series consists of three webinars and an individual (online or by telephone) IRC debrief session. The duration is two months.

What the course covers

Kick-off webinar

During the kick-off webinar on Intercultural Effectiveness, the participants are familiarised with the four intercultural competences and how they relate to each other.

Personal IRC debrief session

Following the kick-off, the participants then fill in the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) online and plan their debrief session with the facilitator.

One focal competence

In the second webinar, which is specifically tailored to each group, we focus on one or more competences that are key to this group (based on the IRC scores). Also, peer support, or intervision, can form part of this session. The content is therefore completely bespoke.

Wrap-up webinar

In the wrap-up webinar, we discuss the most complex and recurring topics. The participants not only reflect on the knowledge gained, but also define their action points for the future. The IRC Learning Journal can be used to follow-up.

The concept of a series of webinars can be applied in many ways and to numerous topics. Effective leadership of Multicultural Teams is one of the options.

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Masterclass Brain, Mind & Culture

On October 18, 2024 the next Masterclass Brain, Mind and Culture of Japan Intercultural Institute starts. This Masterclass is a blended learning course (webinars-podcasts-online learning) that introduces the latest insights of culture, brain and mind sciences to those living and working interculturally. You will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of intercultural experiences, including: culture and cognition, biases, and deep culture learning and transformation. You will learn to be a more insightful interculturalist and learn how to encourage intercultural learning in others. Joseph Shaules and Yvonne van der Pol are your facilitators.

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